Ellé Hill

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Into The Novacene (2020)

Into the Novacene is a body of work based upon the exploration of scientist James Lovelock’s theory for the future of the Earth. Within the epoch of the Novacene, Lovelock theorises that hyperintelligent machines will be the next dominant species of beings on the earth, and that like humans, they will alter the Earth to suit their needs. This work attempts to visually explore this transition and the changes to the natural landscape.

Through the use of the analogue print, the work tries to evoke a sense of the truth, while mixing with elements of digital manipulation within what is implemented into the landscape. The truth of the photograph is explored, as well as how we cannot present the future in the image. The work simultaneously represents the past, the present and the future in theory. 

© 2020 by Ellé Hill