Ellé Hill

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Legra (2020)

Legra is a body of work that attempts to dive deeper into the landscape of Leicester, to see how myths are present in our collective consciousness and surrounding environments. The mythological landscape has long since been within our memories, changing and flowing with different cultures and retellings. From children, we are told stories of these mythological beings, often monsters, to teach us about morals or to scare us into complying.

Legra was produced in spring 2020. It is comprised of a mixture of liquid photographic emulsion and inkjet prints, drawing upon a long history of hand colouring photographs. The prints have been painted on with watercolours, attempting to blur the lines between the mediums and their disparate relations to mythology and reality.

Special thanks to the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland for some of the archive material used within this work.

© 2020 by Ellé Hill