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All That We See or Seem (2018)

“The role of the dreamer is to accept his dreams”, “do not try to understand, just believe” – Orphee by Jean Cocteau.

All That We See or Seem is a body of work that tries to portray the blurring of boundaries between dream and reality states. Through looking at literary portrayal of dreams, as well as the theory behind dreaming, the images are a manifestation of some of these viewpoints. Deeply rooted within reality in the sense that each image is of the physical world, a sense of obscurity and disorientation is created through the hazy scenes. We struggle to identify what is truly real.

The starting point of the work greatly revolves around Orphee by Jean Cocteau, which is based on the myth of Orpheus. Myths have a characteristic of opposites being present within them, which is essentially what dreaming and reality are- opposites. The way in which dreams are so vivid that it seems to be reality, rather than a fabrication of our subconscious, greatly intrigued me, leading to the idea of creating a body of work in which this was the main focus. 

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